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Domain events

Meeting with the Chef
at the Domaine

During the month of April 2021, the chefs Yannick Lambert and Kevin Yafrani visited our estate. A lunch high in color and flavor, around the olive oil. The two chefs concocted a menu worthy of gourmet restaurants, with the aim of sublimating the oil Lacrima di A Filitosa. From the starter around the perfect egg, to the chocolate chip cookies and the beef tartar, the oil was everywhere for the greatest pleasure of the taste buds! Organized in a punctual way, this event is part of one of the first events on the domain of Tappa.

The Tappa estate, thanks to its location and its vast territory, is the perfect place for your events. The accommodation A Casa Filicina and its exterior as well as the olive grove can welcome you for your ceremonies (birthday, baptism, wedding..).
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