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The domain

domaine sous la neige


The Domain

In the municipality of Sollacaro, in the south of the island, the domain is located in the heart of the valley of the Taravo. Halfway between land and sea, the domain is about 1 hour from Ajaccio, 30 minutes from Propriano and 15 minutes from Porto Pollo.
The site enjoys a privileged geographical location of the coastal landscape which provides an absolute exceptional panorama ; with on one side the plain of Filitosa under the Gulf of the Valinco, and on the other the village of Sollacaro.
The distinctive characteristic of the estate lies in its historical background through its proximity with the prehistoric site of Filitosa but also through the agricultural areas that surround it. The domain offers a vast territory with a wooded ground of centuries-old olive trees that also are exploited for the local production of olive oil named Lacrima di a Filitosa.

domaine de tappa


The Domaine of Tappa is located on the path that brings together the place known as Tappa with the hamlet of Calvese; this side path comprises the most consequence olive grove of the municipality of Sollacaro.
Thus, many aspects are worth being noted: the successive panoramas of the municipality of Sollacaro and of its crest, an unseen view of the site of Filitosa, and one of the most wonderful olive groves of Corsica with its multi-centenary trees.
On the other hand, the Domain of Tappa offers magical settings of ancient remains such as the Chappelle Di Carmini, menhirs as well as traditional mills.
In short, the domain of Tappa could be defined as a peace of heaven, rich in discoveries.

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