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Olive grove

olive grove

The Olive Tree Path

The emblematic tree of the municipality of Sollacaro, the olive tree creates a real culture within the region.
Regarded as the tree of memory, the olive tree maintains close relations with all the historical periods, traditions and sites of the municipality.
Connecting Tappa with the village of Calvese, the olive tree path will offer you a walk that brings you tranquility and discovery.
Through this cultural path of the municipality, various sites are to discover;
Indeed, the path starts with the prehistoric site of Filitosa, followed by the mill of Tappa, a traditional oil mill, and then with the Chappelle of Carmini, founded in the Middle Ages, a strong Christianity vestige.
The olive tree, tree of sociality, promotes the meeting with history, religion, and the population to offer you a rich experience.

« The olive tree, tree of sociality, favors the meeting with the history, the religion, the population to offer you a rich experience».


Production of the domain The Olive Oil "Lacrima Di A Filitosa"

The olive oil production is part of the millennial traditions of the region.
Here, on the domain of Tappa, it is this olive grove wealth that has obviously almost made the whole development of the region and the entire production of the family.
Tappa, therefore, is a field with olive-growing vocation;
In addition to the multi-century olive trees that make up the vast estate, a recent plantation was added in 2005.
Thus, you can discover on 4 hectares, around 850 olive trees of the Ghjermana variety intended for the manufacture of olive oil certified AOP, Oliu di Corsica, under the brand named Lacrima Di A Filitosa.
The olives are harvested with care directly from the tree using the traditional methods of shaking down.
Thus the old values and techniques related to olive picking have been kept at the heart of the domain.
With the family bond that unites us, you can discover a traditional activity, combining nature, quality and valuation of our Corsican values.

« The ancestral values and techniques linked to the olive harvest have been preserved in the heart of the domain. Strong of the family link which unites us, you will be able to discover a traditional activity, allying nature, quality and valorisation of our Corsican values ».

Lacrima Di A Filitosa

Lacrima Di A Filitosa is an olive oil with protected designation of origin (PDO), the protected geographical indication (PGI): Oliu di Corsica.
A 100% natural oil characterized by the spicy fragrance of the maquis expressing the rare and delicate Corsican flavors.
Considered as the earth's gold, olive oil also possess rich medical virtues. Indeed, olive oil is known for preventing cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, as well as having digestive virtues.
Lacrima Di A Filitosa was also awarded of a bronze medal in 2016 at the Oliu Di Corsica regional competition in the category "harvest on trees".

Découvrez nos 3 gammes d’huiles d’olive. AOP et hors AOP. En bouteilles en verre ou en bidon. À vous de choisir !

The estate offers 2 varieties
marketed in 3 appellations:
2 in PDO harvest on the tree and PDO harvest in the old and 1 oil out of PDO.

On a 4 hectare plot, in the middle of the Domain, the olive grove planted with the germaine variety is composed of 850 trees.

The olive oil was awarded a gold medal at the national competition of PDO oils in Nyons in 2021.

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