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The prehistoric Site of Filitosa

Bordering the Tappa domain, within the village of Filitosa, the prehistoric site will not be a place you'll want to miss.
Landscaped according to human needs within a territory tree-filled with olive trees for six millennia, the site offers vestiges of the past and invites you in an important part of the Corsican historical background, and in its traditions and values.
Emblem of the site, the statue-menhir represents the first forms of the sculptors' arts.
There will be more than twenty, each with its own specificity will guide you throughout the discovery of the site.
Filitosa is considered the largest center of Corsican art and statuary place and the Mediterranean on the list of 100 historic sites of common interest to Mediterranean countries.
The Domaine of Tappa, adjacent to the site, also is characterized by the presence of menhirs and offers an internationally recognized archaeological heritage.


The Taravo

The domain of Tappa is located in the valley of Taravo, which extends from the beach of Serra-Di-Ferro, to the mountains with the village of Palneca.
The Taravo, also is the name of an important river of the region wich draws its source at the Col of Verde, right above the village of Zicavo- It flows to the Gulf of Valinco; on the side of Porto-Pollo, a seaside resort, highly attractive during the summer season.
The Taravo plain includes the municipality of Sollacaro, located halfway between sea and mountains.

The Taravo Valley is 47km long and is divided into 3 parts: Upper Taravo, Middle and Low. The domain is located in the lower part;
However, richness are to be discovered everywhere in the whole valley.
Going down from high mountains to the beaches of Cupabia and Porto Pollo, paradisiacal places, the Taravo offers outstanding sites on both natural and cultural level.
In the Upper Taravo, in the mountains, many villages appear between Chestnut and maquis.
The forest of Zicavo and its village provide many excursions including a hike offering an exceptional panorama over the whole south of the island; The Incudina, which rises to 2136m altitude.
Another center of interest of the Upper Taravo is the Cuscione plateau and its "pozzini" the Corsican name for the small natural water wells you can found there.
At the heart of the middle Taravo, the village of Petreto-Bicchisano is a place to stop; a typical Corsican village, it houses buildings of the 16th century, including the St. Francis convent and the St. Nicholas Church.
And finally, on the lower part of the valley we find the Domain of Tappa. Only 20 minutes by car, the villages of Porto-Pollo and Serra-Di-Ferro offer paradisiacal beaches; Porto-Pollo located on the north of the Gulf of Valinco is a marina being part of the Serra-Di-Ferra municipality where it is good strolling on summer days.
The Cupabia beach, unmissable place, will allow you to discover a relaxing area within a prestigious natural place.
Two Genoese towers of Capriona and Campannedda, both located in this area, another point of interest of the region, are to be explored.

« Another point of interest, the two Genoese towers of Capriona and Campannedda are to explore in the same area».


The Valinco Gulf

From the Domaine, you can reach the Gulf of the Valinco and the town of Propriano by following the D57 road in only twenty minutes.
In the city of Propriano, cohabit modern city by its marina, and old town.
You can stroll through the streets of the old town while enjoying a refreshment at the many bars and restaurants of the port. On-site you can practice many enjoyable nautical activities.
Finally, the must-see site of the Valinco region, the Campomoro Tower; Genoese vestige, will take you back in time with its atypical structure and will offer you a magnificent panorama on the gulf.

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